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AAUW– empowers women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research. AAUW is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that has more than 150,000 members and supporters across the United States, as well as 1,000 local branches and 700 college and university partners. Since AAUW’s founding in 1881, our members have examined and taken positions on the fundamental issues of the day — educational, social, economic, and political. AAUW uses its powerful voice on critical issues affecting women and girls. Join AAUW today!

AAUW-New Jersey, a state-level organization of AAUW, recently celebrated 85 years (1927 – 2012). In addition to several statewide events, local branches actively further national and community goals and capitalize on their networking opportunities. The NJ state publication, The Garden Statement, reports regularly on AAUW-NJ participation in public policy, the Educational Foundation, the Legal Advocacy Fund, and state and local issues.

REGISTER NOW – Saturday, April 12, 2014
Be Inspired and Get Connected

Spring is in the air—somewhere.

Join us at the AAUWNJ Annual State meeting Saturday, April 12, 2014, 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM.

Be inspired by the life and leadership style of Eleanor Roosevelt.  “Embracing Eleanor” is presented by Joan Monk, AAUW NYS District Director.  For the first time, we will have a state-wide book club with a finale event.

Get connected with your branch, the state, your kids and grandkids!   Liz Owens, Political Media Coordinator from AAUW National, will demystify social media, buzz words: hashtags, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Bring your smartphones, laptops or ipads, and your flash drive bracelet (for those of you who attended the Atlantic City Fall Focus meeting) and we’ll learn how to use them and have some fun, too.

Please remember to bring your branch baskets.

For the first time, the meeting will be held in two venues:

  • Forsgate Country Club, Jamesburg
  • Resorts Casino and Hotel, Atlantic City (live video conference)

More information to be posted soon.

Ahead of today’s public announcement, I write to share with you some exciting news for AAUW’s STEM programs. With a $250,000, two-year grant from the Alcoa Foundation, AAUW’s STEM education expertise will journey abroad for the first time to the Székesfehérvár region of Hungary. The grant will also fund a STEM program for middle school girls in Barberton, OH. These regions may be on two separate continents, but share a mutual need – more engineers and technical skilled workers are needed to keep up with demand.

We are delighted to take the knowledge and expertise we have gained locally and nationally to Hungary and work with Alcoa to build the next generation of women and girls who will select and persist in STEM careers. Our work in Székesfehérvár will begin with a scan and assessment that will inform program design and development tailored to the girls in the region.  In Barberton, OH, we will coordinate with AAUW leaders to plan a STEM program in 2014 and 2015.

For your review, I’ve attached a copy of the press release that will go out today. Please note our blog will also publish an article about collaboration.

Voting in the annual AAUW Art Contest is now open!

Support women in the arts and have a say in whose work will be on our spring note cards. Go vote for your favorite member art today.

Jefferson Township High School, Morris County, NJ
Human Sex Trafficking and the Super Bowl 2014

NEW! The NJ State Legislative Tracking Tool

AAUW of New Jersey now has a state-of-the-art legislative tracking tool that gives us an up-to-date snapshot of pending NJ State Legislation. Follow the links from this report to become informed about proposed NJ legislation affecting women’s issues. Investigating these matters will help our organization take effective and timely action on policy issues in our state.

legacy1AAUW Legacy Gifts
Plan a Gift That Will Change Lives for Women and Girls

For each of us, philanthropy is intensely personal. It is an expression of our values and our vision of the world we hope to create for the next generation. Your support of AAUW today makes it possible for us to fund critical programs to help break through the persistent barriers that continue to limit opportunities for women and girls. But when you plan a gift to AAUW in your long-term estate or financial plans, you will ensure the future with changes that are so important to women and their families.

Legacy2Join the Legacy Circle

This distinguished Legacy Circle honors all planned giving donors for their support of our mission. We would be honored to celebrate you as a member of the AAUW Legacy Circle if you have:

  • Provided for AAUW in your will or trust.
  • Designated AAUW as the beneficiary of a qualified retirement plan, savings bond, bank account, or life insurance policy.
  • Create a planned gift that returns fixed or flexible income to you or others.

We welcome the opportunity to have a confidential conversation with you at no obligation. If you would like information, please contact us. If you have already provided for AAUW in your estate plans, please allow us the opportunity to thank you!
AAUW’s Legacy Circle brochure can help you manage your giving to make a lasting impact.
Link to the attached brochure
For additional information contact:
Catherine Heffernan
Manager, Major and Planned Giving
Phone: 202-785-7766
E-mail: heffernanc@aauw.org

AAUW Unveils a Bold Look for a New Era

AAUW has introduces a new logo for the first time in more than 20 years. This is only the fourth logo change in AAUW’s history. The new logo also comes with a descriptive tagline to celebrate over 130 years of activism- Empowering women since 1881. AAUW-National has also revamped its website to be mobile friendly. More…

Advancing Equity for Women and Girls through Advocacy, Education, Philanthropy, and Research

logoltwhiteAAUW is a non-profit & non-partisan political organization that advocates on public policy issues that affect women. Issue advocacy is not just about AAUW lending its name to an issue, or speaking up on Capitol Hill. Issue advocacy is about AAUW members and all citizens concerned with equity being knowledgeable and aware of the current status of important issues. For example: AAUW lobbied for women’s voting rights as early as 1913. AAUW has been empowering women since 1881.

Civil Rights

AAUW advocates equality, individual rights, and social justice for a diverse society.
Affirmative Action
Federal Judicial Nominations
Hate Crimes Prevention
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Issues
Reproductive Rights

Economic Security

AAUW advocates for all women to achieve economic self-sufficiency.
Work/Life Balance (flextime)
Pay Equity
Retirement Security
Health Care


AAUW supports a strong system of public education that promotes gender fairness, equity, and diversity.
Career and Technical Education
Education and Training in Welfare/TANF
Higher Education
No Child Left Behind Act
School Vouchers (but not to private schools)
Single-Sex Education
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education

Title IX

AAUW supports vigorous enforcement of Title IX and all other civil rights laws pertaining to education.
Title IX

Equity in School Athletics
Freedom from Sexual Harassment/Bullying
Single-Sex Education


The American Association of University Women (AAUW) believes that everyone is entitled to health care that is high-quality, affordable, and easily accessible.

Graduating to a Pay Gap

PayGapGraduating to a Pay Gap: The Earnings of Women and Men One Year after College Graduation explores the earnings difference between female and male college graduates who are working full time one year after graduation. More info…

CrossingTheLineAAUW recently released a public service announcement (PSA) aimed at a student audience that asks whether a student is using a pick-up line or crossing the line. Please share this PSA with teenagers you know and encourage them to visit the AAUW website for information on how to respond to harassers and create change at their school. Take some time to read and watch highlights from the Crossing the Line Panel Discussion. Check out what others are blogging about sexual harassment in school and join the discussion with your own blog.

Additional Videos:
Crossing the Line, A Panel Discussion
Pick up Line or Crossing the Line

The Simple Truth About the Pay Gap (2013)

simple-truth-web-image-280x170AAUW has updated the research report: The Simple Truth About the Gender Pay Gap with new numbers and graphics.

In this commonsense guide about the gender pay gap, AAUW breaks down the latest research into key, straightforward facts, including:

  • state by state rankings of the pay gap
  • the pay gap by age, race/ethnicity, and education
  • guidance for women facing workplace discrimination
  • resources for fair pay advocates

Lilly Ledbetter
Remarks on her trip to New Jersey
Youtube Video

ProgramInABox3 NJActionNetwork Care
Branch Program
Two-Minute Activist AAUW Partner