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AAUW’s accomplishments in 2016


As the year comes to a close, it’s time to look back AAUW’s achievements which is the ultimate hard work of all of our members and supporters. Without their support, the success of the last year would not have been possible.

  • 200,000+ messages went out to state and federal legislators.
  • 6 states passed new equal pay laws in 2016.
  • 714 resource guides were delivered to Title IX coordinators in 29 states.
  • 2,200 signatures collected on AAUW’s petition urging Anheuser-Busch to sign the White House Equal Pay Pledge.
  • 44 years of Title IX celebrated with Senator Harry Reid.
  • 900+ get-out-the-vote events organized by members in 46 states.
  • 19 AAUW members were elected to state legislatures.
  • 12,000 young women and girls were empowered through AAUW’s leadership programs.
  • 11,460 women learned to ask for the salary they deserve through AAUW salary workshop negotiations

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5 Ways to Crush the Patriarchy on Campus in 2017


We have our work cut out for us, but together we can ensure that we are fighting every day for women’s equality and that our campuses manifest the change we want to see in the world. AAUW Pitt provides a diverse and inclusive space on campus, and we plan on being even more vocal in crushing the patriarchy! Here are some ways to take action this spring.


 AAUW Annual 2017 Art Contest


See 2017 Winners!

Every year AAUW members cast their vote on the final candidates to be featured in the spring collection of note cards.

Visit the art contest gallary


April, 2017

Combat Campus Sexual Assault and the Gender Pay Gap

– April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Campus sexual assault is one of the most pressing policy issues on our campuses today, with 1 in 5 women at risk of being sexually assaulted on campus. The numbers are even more staggering for LGBTQ people and people of color. They are two times more likely to be assaulted during their time at college than their straight, white counterparts. Pro tip: Collaborate with your Title IX Coordinator to plan a visual display to raise awareness or ask people to write messages of support to survivors in a public place.

– The gender pay gap is another pressing AAUW policy issue. On average, women are payed 80 cents to each white man’s dollar, and that number is worse for women of color. Pro tip: April 4 is Equal Pay Day, the day women’s average salaries catch up to what white men made the year before. Advocate for equal pay on your campus by holding an unequal pay day bake sale.


AAUW National Election

Opening day to request Paper Ballot: April 3, 2017

Online Voting Begins: April 17, 2017

Oneline Voting Ends: June 15, 2017 (9 PM)

One member, one vote – You have a voice in AAUW’s Future

Learn about your candidates for election to the Board or apply for appointment to the board; read up on the proposed by-laws amendments, the proposed public policy platform, and resolutions on this year’s ballot in the Voter Guide; or learn how to turn your branch meeting into a polling place so everyone can vote!

Three of the thirteen director positions on the AAUW Board of Directors are appointed! If you’re an AAUW member with leadership experience interested in shaping AAUW’s future , apply for the 2017–19 AAUW Board of Directors.


May, 2017

Join AAUW and our ¡Adelante! Book of the Month Club in celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month as we talk with 2013–14 AAUW American Fellow Patricia Park about her book Re Jane. What The New York Times calls a “breezy, engaging” first novel that “grapples with real issues of identity, race, and culture from global and historical perspectives”. Register to join the discussion on May 2, 2017 at 7:00pm. Read more.

May 31 to June 3, 2017

 National Conference for College Women Student Leaders

Final Day to Register: April 30, 2017


An opportunity to grow you network, meet some influential leaders and enhance your leadership skills by participating in powerful workshops.

 When : May 31–June 3, 2017

Where : University of Maryland, College Park

The early bird registration for the NCCWSL opens on December 5, 2016 and ends on February 28, 2016. Don’t miss the opportunity!

Learn more and register


June, 2017

Register for the 2017 AAUW National Convention

June 14 -17, 2017


Connect, renew, and explore with AAUW during our AAUW National Convention from June 14–17, 2017!

Want to connect with other AAUW NJ Members at the convention?

Please let us know that you will be attending, by filling out the following form:

Form for notifying us that you will be attending!

Let us know if you need help finding a roommate!

Looking forward to seeing you there!


 Get Inspired by Women’s History in the Nation’s Capital

vietnam_womens_memorial(Photo credit: Vietnam Women’s Memorial by Cliff (cliff1066), via Wikimedia Commons)

Washington D.C remains a hub for cultural enrichment and many sites recognize the hardships and achievements of women throughout history. As you plan to attend the AAUW National Convention in D.C. in in June 2017, consider allotting time to visit and be inspired by the extraordinary efforts of the women immortalized in these sites.

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AAUW National News (Archive)