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Submit Your Feedback by July 25

Dear AAUW Member:

It’s time again for AAUW members to propose and discuss revisions to the AAUW Public Policy Program (PPP). As you know, this important document establishes our organization’s federal action priorities, as well as guidelines for state and local action, and is updated and adopted every two
years by AAUW’s One Member One Vote process. The AAUW Public Policy Committee (APPC), chaired this year by Karen Francis of Missouri, is accepting comments. The feedback of members such as yourself is critical to a successful PPP revision.

We urge you to take the time to reread the PPP, and share suggested changes, revisions, or additions. We also encourage you to talk to other AAUW members as you develop your recommendations.
Please submit your comments using this form by July 25. 2016. Alternatively, you may email your comments to by that deadline. Remember the criteria AAUW uses for all our public policy priorities: they must be based on viability, critical need, strong member support, and potential for distinctive AAUW contribution.

I know the APPC is eager to hear from all of you as we kick off the revision process. Thank you in advance — not only for your constructive comments on the current PPP, but for all you do for AAUW that improves the lives of women and girls. Don’t hesitate to
be in touch if you have any questions.

Lisa M. Maatz

Vice President of Government Relations