Charitable Trust Grant Guidelines

AAUW of New Jersey Charitable Trust Guidelines

General Guidelines:

  1. Applications for funding by the Charitable Trust are to be submitted electronically to the Charitable Trust Chair at least 12 weeks in advance of the event or project deadline.

  1. If a grant is approved, the Charitable Trust will pay 85% of the requested amount no less than two weeks prior to the event for which the funding is approved.  If the event has already occurred, the payment will be made as soon after approval as possible.

  1. The Charitable Trust will pay the remaining 15% of the approved amount upon receipt of a financial report, an evaluation summary and a description of the event/project that can be used for publicity purposes or to aid another branch that wishes to do something similar.

  1. All publicity and flyers about the funded event/project must note that funding has been provided by the AAUW NJ Charitable Trust.

 Guidelines for applications for funds: 

  1. The application for funding should be sent as a reproducible email attachment (in Microsoft Word or .pdf format) to the AAUW NJ email address, “Attention: Charitable Trust Chair”

  1. The application should include the following cover information:

  • Name, address, county, telephone number and email of the applicant
  • Branch or other AAUW entity sponsoring the project and website if applicable
  • Name of proposed project
  • Amount requested
  • What entity the check should be made out to if the grant request is approved, and the name and address of the individual to whom the check should be mailed
  • The following statement – I am submitting this grant as a member (or officer) of the (name) branch (or other entity) of AAUW NJ and submission of this information represents my signature.
  1. Description of project (20 Points) – Provide a complete description of the project with items noted below.  If funding is requested for an existing AAUW project (e.g. Start Smart, Tech Trek, Elect Her), the applicant can reference the project for a description of the first three items below.  Include the following:

  • Type of project-conference, workshop, product, research, etc.
  • Objectives and desired outcomes
  • Activities and timelines
  • The target audience (population, number and diversity of those served)
  • Individuals responsible
  • Publicity plan
  • Information about materials, books, electronic materials and audiovisual aids that will be used.
  1. Impact (10 Points) – Describe the following:

  • What barriers to gender equity will be addressed?
  • Describe the relationship of the project to AAUW research publications (e.g., How Schools Shortchange Girls, Hostile Hallways, The Simple Truth About the Gender Pay Gap, Solving the Equation, Why So Few, Barriers and Bias) or AAUW projects (e.g., Start Smart, Elect Her, Tech Trek, Tech Savy, or other projects promoting STEM participation by girls).
  • How will the project impact the local branch(es) or AAUW NJ?
  • What local, state or national AAUW goal(s) will be addressed?
  1. Evaluation (5 Points)

  • Describe how success will be measured.
  • Where applicable, include the evaluation form to be completed by each project participant. This evaluation should be summarized for the final report.  Note: the final report must contain a demographic summary of the participants.
  • Identify who is responsible for the evaluation.
  • When completed submit electronically with the final report to the Charitable Trust Chair.
  1. Membership involvement (10 Points)

  • Describe the involvement of branch members and other members.
  • Will the major responsibility for the grant project be held by AAUW NJ members or another organization?  If another organization, provide information about that organization.
  • Provide the name(s) and role(s) of all other organizations involved in the project.
  • Describe the previous experience of the local branch or members in conducting the proposed project or other similar projects and in handling mini-grants.

7.  Budget (5 Points)

  • Prepare a detailed budget which describes all funds requested.
  • List all in-kind contributions from the branch or any other AAUW entity, members or other **sources.  In-kind can include space, equipment, cash or services.

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