Charitable Trust Program Specifications

INTENT: Provide grants to branches of AAUW in New Jersey for gender equity projects including but not limited to increasing self-esteem and career opportunities for girls and women.

FUNDS AVAILABLE: $5,000 from the AAUW Charitable Trust. Additional funds are available as received through donations, bequests, grants, etc.

GRANT AMOUNT: Up to $750. Consider savings by having attendees bring their own lunches with dessert and/or drinks provided and conserve on gifts or remembrances, etc.

ELIGIBILITY: Local branches, members of AAUW NJ, two or more branches jointly, inter-branch councils and AAUW board members. One or more proposals for different projects may be submitted. If more than one proposal is received, a second grant will be given only after all other grants scoring 25 points or more have been awarded.

TIMELINE: No timeline. Suggested times; within the twelve-month period after approval of grant.

APPLICATIONS DUE: The application must be received at least 12 weeks before the funds are needed.

SUBMISSION: Applications must be submitted electronically to the AAUW NJ email address, “Attention: Mary Graves, AAUW NJ Charitable Trust Chair”

AWARD NOTIFICATION: At least two months after receiving the application.

GRANT ASSISTANCE: Questions should be directed to Mary Graves,  Charitable Trust Chair.

APPLICATION: Should be sent as an email attachment, in either Microsoft word or .pdf format.  The proposal should include the following sections:

  1. Cover Sheet
  2. Description of Project
  3. Impact
  4. Evaluation
  5. Membership Involvement
  6. Budget

INELIGIBLE ACTIVITIES: General branch administrative and fund-raising activities are not eligible for this program.

INELIGIBLE BUDGET EXPENDITURES: Equipment, Salaries, Administrative Costs of Mini-Grant administrators, Meals

GRANT RESPONSIBILITIES: Print and visual materials (brochures, programs, press releases, and products) must contain the following statement: “A portion of the funding for this program was made possible through a grant from the Charitable Trust of the American Association of University Women – New Jersey.

The following must be done within thirty days of the completion of the grant program.

  1. Summary article with photograph, as appropriate.
  2. Evaluation summary which includes demographics of and feedback from those participating in the project.
  3. Designation of a resource person to other branches wishing to replicate the project, write the article, and conduct the evaluation.
  4. Fiscal report.
  5. Copies of press releases, brochures, programs, etc.

GRANT EVALUATION: The proposal will be evaluated by a panel of readers. Proposals must score a total of 25 points to be eligible for funding. Proposals will be rank-ordered according to score and funded until grant funds are expended. The following are the point values for each section:

  • Description of Program – 20 Points
  • Impact – 10 Points
  • Evaluation – 5 Points
  • Involvement of AAUW NJ – 10 Points
  • Budget – 5 Points


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