Resources for New Jersey

Act Locally: Few votes are needed to sway a local election. Learn who’s representing you in Trenton and contact them directly. Find Your Legislator; Search Bills (By Number, Subject, Sponsor, or even Keyword); Legislative Schedule; and more: New Jersey Legislature –

Focus on the Women – particularly, of the NJ Legislature Show our support for women leaders by meeting them to find out their priorities, inform them of our AAUW priorities and the AAUW research behind our positions, and find common causes to champion.

ELEC – NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission elec.state.nj.usIt takes a bit of sleuthing among the financial disclosure information, but the information of who’s backing whom can be found here. Check out the “Contributions and Expenditures” tool.

AAUW Policy Center down the page to see all the issues and find AAUW’s position statements, and Quick Fact Sheets with all the information you need to explain why  AAUW supports each policy position. Also, Letters, Comments, Testimony and Legal Briefs can give you inspiration for your own letters.

AAUW Advocacy Toolkit – – Contains all the how-to information for making your voice heard. To get an opinion from AAUW staff on whether your state’s proposed legislation or ballot measure aligns with AAUW’s public policy priorities, fill out the State Legislative Request Intake Form.

Collaborate + Share Resources: Collaborate with the LWV NJ and other non-partisan groups who share our mission – it’s a win-win.  Be a liaison – work with your branch and state boards to promote issues we have in common, and action items we can address together. For all the information on elections in NJ and much, much more: League of Women Voters of New Jersey –

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