(9th, 10th, & 11th grade students)

For questions about Teentech events please email – AAUW NJ Teentech Coordinator: aauwnjteentech@gmail.com

Please Volunteer to help run future Teentechs!

All Teentech events for 2020 have been cancelled!

ACCC (Atlantic Cape Community College at Mays Landing)

planned for Wednesday, June 3 – has been cancelled!

Contact Donna Vassallo for more information

Teentech 2019

"Whodunnit? DNA, Fingerprinting and Blood Typing" workshop Teentech 2014 at Georgian Court University. photo: K Brown/AAUW

“Whodunnit? DNA, Fingerprinting and Blood Typing” workshop Teentech 2014 at Georgian Court University. photo: K Brown/AAUW

Teentech is a one-day event designed to demonstrate that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and careers are exciting, relevant, and accessible to girls and women. Click here to learn why AAUW NJ sponsors Teentech.

Teentech participants engage in laboratory, engineering, and math workshops presented at a host college/university, giving them confidence-building experiences in a real college setting. The event is run on a school day as an approved school field trip from each attending district. The educators who accompany the girls participate in their own hands-on workshop in the morning and a panel discussion session in the afternoon.

Teentech has been a project of the American Association of University Women of New Jersey (AAUW NJ), held in collaboration with a host college/university, for nearly 20 years. Key partners that lend their expertise to Teentech are: The Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE), NJ Technology and Engineering Educators Assn., and the NJ School Counselors Association.


 Please volunteer to help run Teentech! 

AAUW NJ Volunteers: Lissa Anderson, Margaret Lyons, Karen Brown, Mary Graves, Jacqueline D’Alessio, Nina DelCollo, Dawn Domans

AAUW members who would like to work on Teentech events please complete the VOLUNTEER FORM

Respondents will be contacted by someone from the AAUW NJ STEM Team, to follow up, and get you engaged.

Please volunteer for one or more locations and/or positions!

Volunteers are needed for “Planning/Preparation/Follow-up” and for “Day of Event” Positions. Some positions have already been filled at some locations. You will be contacted by someone from the AAUW NJ STEM Team or from the location of interest, to let you know how you can participate.

For general questions about Teentech events please email: aauwnjteentech@gmail.com

Please see the AAUW NJ Teentech Volunteer Positions document  for details of the types of Volunteers.

Most needed are AAUW NJ Teentech Registrars, and Assistant registrars.  Volunteers for the day of each event are also needed to help guide student groups.

Planning/Preparation/Follow-up Positions:

AAUW NJ Teentech Coordinator
– AAUW NJ Teentech Chair
– Registrars
– Registrar Assistants
– Packet Assembly Coordinators
– Packet Assembly Team Members
– Educator Program Coordinators
– Volunteer and Logistical Coordinators
– Evaluation Analysts
– Public Relations

Day of Event Positions:

– AAUW NJ Representative
– Day-Of Facilitators


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