Teentech Stockton 2015

This year’s statewide Teentech event, held on June 4th, was very successful with 205 students and 30 educators, representing 16 high schools, attending. The staff at Stockton University provided exceptionally good support from planning to day-of logistics. Student ambassadors from Stockton University were very welcoming and helpful to the attendees and did a very professional job of escorting student groups to the workshops.

Ten workshops were offered for students, who attended two each.

  1. Electronics and Underwater Robotics: Learn about the underwater applications of electronics, robotics, and their role in scientific exploration. Build a hand-held flashlight to take home.
  2. Let’s Play! Explore how technology can enable children with disabilities to play with battery-operated toys. Using simple materials, you will build your own switch to try at home!
  3. Lissajous Figures: Use light waves to create beautiful repeating patterns called Lissajous figures. Learn how to create your own Lissajous display with lasers, motors, and mirrors.
  4. Mystery Diagnosis: You can be part of a nursing team investigating the symptoms of a “patient”, including listening to breathing sounds, reviewing x-rays, completing a patient interview, and making a diagnosis.
  5. Solve a Murder in the Pines! Find out what happens behind the scenes of a murder investigation, including taking fingerprints, collecting hair samples, and giving a lie detector test.
  6. Solving a Cybercrime: A cybercrime has occurred and we need you to solve it!  Use computer gaming and simulation techniques and, perhaps, even take on a new personality.
  7. The Chemistry of Modern Cuisine: Did you know modern chefs use science to create new and exotic dishes? Run chemistry experiments in which you get to lick the spoon and create dishes such as mango ravioli, coconut air, or chocolate Chantilly! (Allergens: milk and soy lecithin)
  8. The Science of Clay: Here’s your chance to take a really close look at “dirt”! See how the clay particles in soil provide plants with the water and nutrients they need and help grow the food we eat.
  9. What Are You Paying For? We’re told that nutritional protein supplements help to build muscle. But—are they better for you than good old-fashioned milk? Let’s use science to find out!
  10. What’s the Chance of That?Probability helps us determine the likelihood of something happening. Discover the surprising patterns that lurk in the events of our everyday lives.

The educators had a morning workshop related to internet security and in the afternoon attended the panel discussion:

Possibilities Unlimited – Careers in Engineering and Technology

Panel participants were:

  • Donna Scalia – Apprenticeship & Training Program Specialist, U.S. Department of Labor – Office of Apprenticeship
  • Susan E. Chittooran, MSWProgram Analyst, Women’s Bureau, U.S. Department of Labor
  • Margaret J Lyons, PE, PMP – 2015 Chair Women in Engineering & Education Society IEEE-NJ Coast Section
  • Bernadette Humphrey – PSEG, Hope Creek Nuclear Oversight Supervisor – Lead Assessor
  • Alisa HoganAssociate Director of Admissions Marketing and Communications for Stockton University

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