Voter Registration and Signature Updating

The next state-wide election is the Primary Election on June 7, 2022, and the first step in making your vote count is REGISTERING TO VOTE. 

The deadline for this registration is May 17, 2022.

Are you registered?  If you are not sure, go to  (you can click on this link). Once there, click on the box which says “Am I Registered?” and you will find out.  The site also gives your Voter ID.  Perhaps you didn’t know you had one and you may never need to use it, but you can find out what it is.

If you determine that you need to register, the same website has the boxes that you can use to register, which include

(1)  registering online  and (2) printing out a registration form.  

The printing option allows you to print the form for your specific County and includes the instruction of how to physically fold and mail the form to your County’s Registrar of Elections.  When you print out the form it is 2-sided.  One side is the form and the other side is the outside of an envelope.  You print it 2-sided and fold it so that the envelope is on the outside and mail it that way.  That is why when you use the print form option, you need to select your County.

If you are more comfortable going to the web sites of all your County election offices, you can get the Registration Form there. 

The Registration Form is the same – it is used state-wide – but the mail in location is different for each County.  Additionally, the Motor Vehicle Commission provides the opportunity and the paperwork to register to vote when you are there for a motor vehicle transaction.

You should note that the Registration Form includes more than just voter registration.  Make note of the  following:

Item #1 at the top of the form allows you to note an address change, a name change [usually a marriage or divorce occurrence], a signature update, a change in political party and an application in order for you to Vote by Mail.  The signature update is especially important because our signatures change as we age, and you may have had a recent illness resulting in a change in handwriting.  This signature update feature allows the State Voter Registration System [SVRS] to see your current signature when it needs to be compared to your signature when you vote.

Item #3 allows for a 17-year-old to register, although he/she will not be eligible to vote until 18 years of age.

Finally, on the form, fill in the required information with respect to anyone who is assisting the voter in completing the form, if the voter needs such assistance.

ONLY registered Democrats and Republicans can vote in the Primary Election.  New Registrants can make the selection of a political party when registering.  If a voter is previously registered, a party change must be submitted by April 13, 2022.