AAUW NJ State Officers
Board of Directors

(Approved at April 17, 2021 Annual Meeting)

Executive Committee:  Nine offices (co-officers would have one vote), elected by full membership, voting board members:

  • Elected even years: President, Program Vice President, Communications Vice President, and one District Coordinator (Northern).
  • Elected odd years: Treasurer, Membership Vice President, Secretary, and two District Coordinators (Central & South).

Appointed Directors: (Appointed by President with approval of Executive Committee, non-voting): Parliamentarian, College/University Relations Director, Public Policy Director, AAUW Funds Director, Diversity and Inclusion Director, STEM Director.
Honorary Directors: Non-voting members of the board include the past presidents of AAUW NJ and the current AAUW NJ Charitable Trust President.

AAUW NJ – Executive Committee

(Voted On Positions – 2 year terms)

President/Administrator (ST01) (2020-2022) — Karen Brown

Program VP (ST02) (2020-2022) —  Jacqueline McGuinness

Program Committee Member (Appointed) Jasmine Davis (Willingboro Branch)

Membership VP (ST03) (2021-2023) Rebecca (Becky) Hughes

Finance (Treasurer) (ST04) (2021-2023) Rebecca (Becky) Hughes

Communications VP (ST06) (2020-2022) —  Mariel Kolker

Communications Committee Members (Appointed)

Laura Belko (Garden State Virtual Branch)

Barbara Kuppersmith (Madison Branch)

Caelin McCallum (Northern Ocean Branch)

Sharon Suber (Willingboro Branch)

Secretary (ST18) (2021-2023) Linda Harmon

Northern District Coordinator (2020-2022) :
Diane Crawford

Central District Coordinator (2021-2023):
— Patricia Baroska

Southern District Coordinator (2021-2023):


AAUW NJ – Appointed Directors

AAUW Funds Director (ST17) Nina Del Collo

Diversity and Inclusion Director (ST14) — Edwina Sessons

College/University Relations Director – VACANT

Parliamentarian —  Marilyn Gonyo

Public Policy Director (ST07) Keturah Harris

STEM Director Linda Harmon

AAUW NJ – Honorary Directors

Charitable Trust President Mary Graves

Past Presidents of AAUW NJ – See Booklet (Members Only)


Special Projects

Human Trafficking — Virginia Lyttle

$tart $mart / Work Smart —  Jacqueline McGuinness

Tech Trek — Ann Marchesani

Teentech  — VACANT

Tween Tech Claudine Keenan

Women as Agents of ChangeCarol Cohen

Nominating Committee

(1-year term beginning July 1, 2021)

Southern District Representative – Gail Davis

Central District Representative – Carol Cohen

Northern District Representative – Sally Goodson

AAUW National Board Representative

Diane Crawford – AAUW Advancement Committee (Member and New Audience Engagement Subcommittee)

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Board Documents

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AAUW of New Jersey Contacts Booklet 

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