AAUW NJ State Officers

Board of Directors

New Board Structure

(Approved at April 17, 2021 Annual Meeting)

Executive Committee:  Nine offices (co-officers would have one vote), elected by full membership, voting board members:

  • Elected even years: President, Program Vice President, Communications Vice President, and one District Coordinator (Northern).
  • Elected odd years: Treasurer, Membership Vice President, Secretary, and two District Coordinators (Central & South).

Appointed Directors: (Appointed by President with approval of Executive Committee, non-voting): Parliamentarian, College/University Relations Director, Public Policy Director, AAUW Funds Director, Diversity and Inclusion Director, STEM Director.
Honorary Directors: Non-voting members of the board include the past presidents of AAUW NJ and the current AAUW NJ Charitable Trust President.

AAUW NJ – Executive Committee

(Voted On Positions – 2 year terms)

President/Administrator (ST01) (2020-2022) — Karen Brown

Program VP (ST02) (2020-2022) —  Jacqueline McGuinness

Program Committee Member (Appointed) Jasmine Davis (Willingboro Branch)

Membership VP (ST03) (2021-2023) Rebecca (Becky) Hughes

Finance (Treasurer) (ST04) (2021-2023) Rebecca (Becky) Hughes

Communications VP (ST06) (2020-2022) —  Mariel Kolker

Communications Committee Members (Appointed)

Laura Belko (Garden State Virtual Branch)

Barbara Kuppersmith (Madison Branch)

Caelin McCallum Northern Ocean Branch

Batsheva (Shevi) Salberg (Freehold Area Branch, Garden State Virtual Branch)

Sharon Suber (Willingboro Branch)

Secretary (ST18) (2021-2023) Linda Harmon

Northern District Coordinator (2020-2022) :
Diane Crawford

Central District Coordinator (2021-2023):
— Patricia Baroska

Southern District Coordinator (2021-2023):


AAUW NJ – Appointed Directors

AAUW Funds Director (ST17) Nina Del Collo

Diversity and Inclusion Director (ST14) — Edwina Sessons

College/University Relations Director – VACANT

Parliamentarian —  Marilyn Gonyo

Public Policy Director (ST07) Keturah Harris

STEM Director Linda Harmon

AAUW NJ – Honorary Directors

Charitable Trust President Mary Graves

Past Presidents of AAUW NJ – See Booklet (Members Only)


Special Projects

Human Trafficking — Virginia Lyttle

$tart $mart / Work Smart —  Jacqueline McGuinness

Tech Trek — Ann Marchesani

Teentech  — VACANT

Tween Tech Claudine Keenan

Women as Agents of ChangeCarol Cohen

Nominating Committee

(1-year term beginning July 1, 2021)

Southern District Representative – Gail Davis

Central District Representative – Carol Cohen

Northern District Representative – Sally Goodson

AAUW National Board Representative

Diane Crawford – AAUW Advancement Committee (Member and New Audience Engagement Subcommittee)

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Board Documents

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AAUW of New Jersey Contacts Booklet 

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